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Biffles Found in U.S. Censuses

The following is a list of Biffle I have found in pre-1850 U.S. Census. If you have any to add, please e-mail Janet Roseen . The links to family groups sheets may or may not be to the correct individual or family. Further investigation of original records is needed.

Name State County Locality Census Roll Census Page Notes


Biffle PA Philadelphia       Found in 1794 records
Biffle (Bufle), Adam NC Burke   M637-7 110  
Biffle (Beefle), Jacob NC Burke   M637-7 109  
Bufle, Jonathan NC Burke   M637-7 110 Could be John Biffle


Biffle, Adam NC Buncombe Morgan Dist. M32-29 72  
Beffle, Adam NC Rowan   M32-33 329  
Biffle, Jacob NC Buncombe Morgan Dist. M32-29 163  
Biffle, John NC Buncombe Morgan Dist. M32-29 160  
Biffle, John NC Anson Fayette Dist. M32-29 234  


Biffle, Jacob PA Greene Greene Twp 49 45  
Biffle, Jacob PA Greene Whitely Twshp M252-49 39  
Biffle (Bifle), John NC Beaufort Buncombe M252-39 96  
Biffle, George Sr. PA Northumberland Chillisquaque Twp M252-53 102  


Biffle, Jacob PA Fayette New Geneva M33-103 97  
Beifell, Peter PA Adams Franklin M33-96 24  
Biffle, John GA Hall   M33-6 140  
Biffle, John GA Hall       Found in some 1824 records
Beefle, Widow NC Rowan   M33-81 260  
Biffle, Nathan TN Wayne     326B  
Biffel, John TN Wayne     326B  


Biffle, Goldman GA Fayette   M19-17 193  
Biffle, Jacob TN Maury   M19-? 376  
Biffle, John GA DeKalb   M19-17 32  
Biffle, William TN Maury   M19-? 77  
Biffle, Hetty TN Williamson     87  
Biffle, Jacob TN Wayne or Wilson?     80  
Biffle, John TN Wayne or Wilson?     80  
Biffle, Nathan TN Wayne or Wilson?     80  


Biffle, Leander GA DeKalb Dist 683 M704-40 40  
Biffle, John GA DeKalb Dist 683 M704-40 35  
Bufel, James NC Rowan   M704-369 6  
Bufel, Jane NC Rowan   M704-369 9  
Biffle, William TN Madison     79  
Beffle, Goldman TN Maury     4  
Biffle, Eleanor V. TN Wayne     89  
Biffle, Nathan TN Wayne     89  
Biffle, Valentine TN Wayne     90  
Biffle, William TN Wayne     77  
Biffle, William TX Houston        
Biffle, J.C. TX Houston        

1855 Wisconsin Sate Census

Biffle, John   Racine City of Racine   050  

TN 1891 Voters List

Biffle, J.F.   Wayne Dist 6   1  
Biffle, Walter   Williamson Dist 13   1  
Biffle, J.M.   Wayne Dist 5   27  
Biffle, T.C.   Wayne Dist 5   27  
Biffle, H.B.   Maury Dist 16   27  
Biffle, J.K.   Maury Dist 16   27  
Biffle, W.M.   Maury Dist 16   27  
Biffle, William   Houston Dist 8   9  
Biffle, J.H.   Humphreys Dist 13   27  
Biffle, James   Humphreys Dist 7   175  
Biffle, Henry   Houston Dist 4   14  

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