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Family Group Record: Adam Biffle (nee. Johannes Adam Büffle) and Catherine Henckel

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   Adam Biffle nee. Johannes Adam Büffle
   Born: April 18,1728 Place: Contwig (in what is now Germany)
   Married: ca. 1758 Place:
   Died: December 1804 Place: Buncombe County, North Carolina
   Parents: Johannes Paulus Büffel and Catharina Apollonia Haan

   Catherine Henckel
   Born: January 13, 1735 Place: Macungi Settlement, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (now Lehigh County)
   Died: before 1803 Place: Buncombe County, North Carolina
   Parents: Johann Justus Henckel and Maria Magdalena Eschmann


1 John Biffle (assumed to be Adam's son, but not proven)
Sex Born: ca. 1755/1774 Place: Possibly Rowan County, North Carolina
M Married: Sally Ingram Place:
   Died: ca. 1850 Place: DeKalb County, Georgia; he is buried at Lithonia, DeKalb County, Georgia

2 Mary Marlena Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1758 Place: Rowan County, North Carolina
F Married: May 7, 1775; Johann Jacob Eller Place: Rowan County, North Carolina
   Died: June 12, 1837 Place: Buncombe County, North Carolina

3 Jacob C. Biffle
Sex Born: March 2, 1763 Place: Rowan County, North Carolina
M Married: ca. 1787; Mary Deaver Place:
   Died: February 16, 1844 Place: Lewis County, Tennessee

4 Elizabeth Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1773 Place:
F Married: July 27, 1785; John Weaver Place: Elizabethtown, North Carolina
   Died: April 18, 1843 Place: Buncombe Co., North Carolina (headstone)

5 Catherine Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1774 Place:
F Married: ? Ross Place:
   Died: Place:

  • On October 23, 1782, Adam was granted land located in Sullivan County "on the south bank of the Holston River" near Kingsport, Tennessee.
  • On August 7, 1778, Adam took the oath of alligence to the state of North Carolina.
  • Rev. Paul Henkel's diary states that his wife spent the night with his uncle Adam Büffle in 1787. In 1785 he (Paul Henkel) began making annual tours to North Carolina, "on account of the destitute condition of the Lutheran people there, among whom were relatives of his who urged him to come and help them..." On the tour of 1787, his wife when with him, after intrusting their three small children to relatives. "My wife and I rode to the German neighborhood on the Holston River, and I preached there in the congregations. A German, Elias Wacker by name, living thirty miles away from the congregations on the Holston heard of me and came to me and begged me to come to the region where he lied. My wife remained with my uncle, Adam Büffle." (History of the Lutheran Church in Virginia and East Tennessee, Ed. by C.W. Cassell, W.J. Finck, and Elon O. Henkel. Strasburg, Virginia: Shenandoah Publishing House, Inc., 1930, pp. 48-55.)
  • 1790 U.S. Census, Burke County, Morgan District, North Carolina, M637, Roll 7, p. 103.
  • 1800 U.S. Census, Rowan County, North Carolina, M32-33, p. 162 (this is a younger Adam Biffle, may be the son of Martin)
  • 1800 U.S. Census, Buncombe County, North Carolina, M32-29, p. 163 (>45)

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