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Family Group Record: Edward W. Tuggle and Mary C. ?

Information supplied by: Janet M. Roseen

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   Edward W. Tuggle
   Born: January 1858 Place: Texas
   Married: ca. 1879 Place: Texas
   Died: after 1920 Place: Texas
   Parents: Minerva Elizabeth Biffle and Henry P. Tuggle

   Mary C. ?
   Born: March 1859 Place: Arkansas
   Died: before 1910 Place: Texas


1 Henry W. Tuggle
Sex Born: May 1880 Place: Texas
M Married: ca. 1906; Cora L. ? Place: Texas
   Died: Place:

2 Delia M. Tuggle
Sex Born: July 1884 Place: Texas
F Married: James E. Moore Place: Texas
   Died: Place:

3 Maud Tuggle
Sex Born: December 1886 Place: Texas
F Married: Place:
   Died: Place:

4 Benjamin C. Tuggle
Sex Born: February 1891 Place: Texas
M Married: Place:
   Died: Place:

5 Robert J. Tuggle
Sex Born: November 1893 Place: Texas
M Married: Place:
   Died: Place:

6 Edward L. Tuggle
Sex Born: May 1897 Place: Texas
M Married: Place:
   Died: Place:

7 Lena L. Tuggle
Sex Born: February 1900 Place: Texas
F Married: ca. 1923; ? Welsh (she is a widow by 1930) Place: Texas
   Died: Place:

  • 1880 U.S. Census, Bosque County, Texas, T9-1291, p. 475B; his wife is listed and Emma and she was born in Texas; in 1900 it is Mary C. and she was born in Arkansas, did he have two wives?
  • 1900 U.S. Census, 4th Pct., Bosque County, Texas, T623-1613, p. 245
  • 1910 U.S. Census, Grandview, Johnson County, Texas, T624-1568, p. 192; Edward, Edward (son), Lena, are living in the household of Henry W. Tuggle (son)
  • 1920 U.S. Census, Johnson County, Texas, T625-1822, p. 10A; Edward W. is in the household of son Henry W.
  • 1920 U.S. Census, Pct. 2, Wichita County, Texas, T625-1859, p. 17A; Lena is in the household of her sister Delia Moore
  • 1930 U.S. Census, Duke, Jackson County, Oklahoma, T626-1907, p. 8A; Edward L. and family
  • 1930 U.S. Census, Hill County, Texas, T626-2357, p. 8B; Henry W. and wife, Lena and son Weldon are in this household, where is her husband?

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