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Family Group Record: Georgia Elizabeth Biffle and Ira B. Fletcher and Samuel L. Love

Information supplied by: Janet M. Roseen

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1st Husband
   Ira Burton Fletcher
   Born: ca. 1850 Place: Iowa
   Married: ca. 1875 Place: possibly Missouri
   Died: Place:

   Georgia Elizabeth Biffle
   Born: December 19, 1858 or December 1861 Place: Missouri (in in 1900 she give Dec 1861 as birth date; 1920 she states she is 56; birth year ca. 1864)
   Died: ca. 1951 Place: She is buried in Lena, Oklahoma
   Parents: Jim Biffle and Martha Wat(t)ers
  She also married a Mr. Brown and Samuel L. Love (m. in Kaufman County, Texas, June 27, 1897)


1 Robert Jasper Fletcher
Sex Born: February 9, 1876 Place: Missouri
M Married: Place:
   Died: December 3, 1900 Place: Buried in Union Hill Cemetery, Crisp, Texas

2 Frank M. Fletcher
Sex Born: July 3, 1879 or 1882 Place: Arkansas
M Married: Place:
   Died: April 1916 Place: Buried in Union Hill Cemetery, Crisp, Texas

3 Ira Burton Fletcher
Sex Born: September 1884 Place: Yelville, Marion County, Arkansas
M Married: February 15, 1915; Tenna Mae Brock Place: Bristol, Texas
   Died: ca. 1973 Place: Burid in Lenna Cemeter7, Mcintosh County, Oklahoma

4 Beatrice Fletcher
Sex Born: November 23, 1885 Place: Arkansas
F Married: October 15, 1903; James Welcome Jackson Place: Bristol, Texas
   Died: March 24, 1964 Place: Kaufman County, Texas; buried in Myrtle Cemetery, Ennis County, Texas

3rd Husband
   Samuel L. Love
   Born: September 1859 Place: Mississippi
   Married: ca. 1898 Place: possibly Arkansas or Texas
   Died: Place:


Notes from Karen Denney

Georgia Elizabeth Biffle was born supposedly in Missouri (although I have found no birth record there). On the 1900 Kaufman County, Texas, census, she is listed as being 32 years old (although on her tombstone it shows her born December 19, 1858).The census record shows her father born in Tennessee. From her death record, her father's name is Jim Biffle and mother's name Martha Watters. (That information was supplied by my Grandfather, Ira Burton Fletcher, Georgia Elizabeth Biffle was his mother)

So, all I have is that basically, Georgia Elizabeth Biffle married first Ira Burton Fletcher Sr. Her first child, Robert Jasper Fletcher, was born in 1876 in Missouri. Her second child, Frank M. Fletcher, was born in 1879 in Missouri. My grandfather was born in 1881 in Yellville Arkansas. His sister, Beatrice Fletcher, was born in 1885 in Arkansas. Ira Burton Fletcher Jr. married Tena Brock on 2-15-1915 in Bristol, Texas. Then apparently, Ira Burton Fletcher Sr. died. Georgia remarried "Mr. Brown." Then by 1900, she had been married three years to Samuel L. Love in Kaufman County, Texas. She is there on the census with her four children, and two step children. (which are biological children of Samuel Love). She died in 1951 and is buried in Lena, Oklahoma in a small cemetery there. I have access to a picture of her, that was taken around 1917. My sister looks a lot like her.

  • 1900 U.S. Census, Kaufman County, Texas, T623-1641, p. 349
  • 1920 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, T625-1800, p. 16B, E.D. 133; Georgia E. Love is found living with her son, Ira B. Fletcher, and his family. Next door is the family of Georgia L. Fletcher, widow. Could she have been the wife of Frank M. Fletcher, who died in 1916; the youngest child of Georgia L. Fletcher is Leon, age 3; she could have been pregnant when her husband died.
  • 1930 U.S. Census, Moore, Muskogee Co., Oklahoma, T626-1915, p. 3B, E.D. 21; she is living with her son Ira B. Fletcher

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