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Family Group Record: Harvey E. Biffle and Mattye Strawn

Information supplied by: Janet M. Roseen
Researching this line: Bill Biffle

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   Harvey E. Biffle 
   Born: ca. 1850 Place: Texas
   Married: Place:
   Died: after 1880 Place: Texas
   Parents: John A. Biffle and Nancy J. Emerson

   Mattye Strawn 
   Born: ca. 1854 Place: Texas
   Died: after 1930 Place:
  She later married, ca. 1885, a man named C. Ashton and had 3 more children: Edna, Martha?, and Ray. In 1910 she and her husband are in Johnson County, Texas with daughter Edna; in 1920 she is in the household of Edna and Andy Holt; in 1930 she is in the household of Edna and Andy Holt. Where are she and her husband in 1900?


1 Minta S. Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1875 Place: Texas
F Married: Place:
   Died: Place:

2 Eva L. Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1876 Place: Texas
F   Married: Place:
   Died: Place:

3 Leslie Merine/Marin Biffle
Sex Born: May 3, 1878 Place: Corsicana, Texas
Married: October 21, 1900; Fannie Chandler Place: Hunt County, Texas
   Died: 1955 Place: Lubbock, Texas; he had, at one time, owned a farm in Petersburg, Texas

4 James H. Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1882 Place: Texas
Married: ca. 1902; Dulcey A. Place: possibly Texas
   Died: Place:

  • 1850 U.S. Census, Cooke County, Texas, M432-910, p. 80, in his father's household
  • 1860 U.S. Census, Coxvill PO, Hill County, Texas, M653-1297, p. 104, in his father's household
  • 1870 U.S. Census, Bosque County, Texas, M593-1576, p. 409, in his father's household
  • 1880 U.S. Census, E.D. 80, Johnson County, Texas, T9-1313, p. 229A
  • The two eldest daughters may have died young
  • In the 1880 census, the wife's name is give as Martha, but Leslie Merine's son says her name was Mattye Strawn.
  • According to Jerry Michael Biffle, Harvey was a sheriff in Dallas County, and was killed there in a gunfight.

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