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Family Group Record: Jacob C. Biffle and Mary Deavers

Information supplied by: Janet M. Roseen and Gordon Smith

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   Jacob C. Biffle  
   Born: March 2,1763 Place: Rowan County, North Carolina; "he was 18 years old when Cornwalace surrendered"
   Married: ca. 1787 Place: North Carolina
   Died: February 16,1844 Place: Lewis County, Tennessee; buried in Pisgah Church cemetery, Hampshire, Maury County, Tennessee
   Parents: Johannes Adam Biffle and Catherine Henckel

1st Wife
   Mary Deavers
   Born: February 11, 1764* Place: North Carolina
   Died: June 11, 1831 Place: Maury County, Tennessee; buried at Pisgah Church cemetery
   Parents: She may be the daughter of William R. Deavers (b. 1719) and Susannah Birchfield (b. ca. 1725) or Nathaniel Deavers and Arabella Gray
  *Another birth date given is February 3, 1757 in Harford County, Maryland; and February 11, 1754

Children of Jacob C. Biffle and Mary Deavers

1 Valentine Biffle
Sex Born: September 8, 1786/87 Place: Haywood County, North Carolina (or Rowan County?)
M Married: 1818, Margaret Payton Place: Tennessee
   Died: February 11, 1855 Place: Wayne County, Tennessee

2 Catherine Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1796 Place: Rowan County, North Carolina
  F Married: John Williamson Akin Place:
   Died: ca. 1854 Place: Maury County, Tennessee

3 Jacob B. Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1794 Place: Rowan County, North Carolina
  M Married: Eleanor Akin Place:
   Died: September 29, 1830 Place: Wayne County, Tennessee
  An alternate death date is October 29, 1830.

4 Elizabeth Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1788-1791 Place: Rowan County, North Carolina
F Married: William Burns Place: North Carolina
   Died: after 1850 Place: living in Wayne County, Tennessee in 1850

5 John Barnett Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1790 Place: Rowan County, North Carolina
  M Married: May 17, 1814, Mary Chambers Place: Maury County, Tennessee
   Died: January 11, 1836 Place: Wayne County, Tennessee
  An alternate death date is February 11, 1831

6 Susan Biffle
Sex Born: 1791/1793 Place: Rowan County, North Carolina
F Married: ca. 1810, Miles Burns Place: Tennessee
   Died: before 1836 Place: possible Hardeman County, Tennessee

7 Nathan Biffle
Sex Born: March or May 16, 1792 Place: Rowan County, North Carolina
M Married: Ursula Isom Place:
   Died: March/May 3, 1853 or 1883 Place: Wayne County, Tennessee

8 Emily Biffle
Sex Born: June 1, 1795 Place: Buncombe County, Morgan District, North Carolina
F Married: February 18, 1813, Samuel Watson Akin Place: Maury County, Tennessee
   Died: March 2, 1871 (or 28th?) Place: Maury County, Tennessee

9 William Biffle (middle name may be McHenry)
Sex Born: July 31, 1803 Place: Buncombe County, North Carolina
M Married: June 19, 1829, Frances Isom Place: Maury County, Tennesee
   Died: August 31, 1885 Place: Maury County, Tennessee

2nd Wife
   Hannah [possibly nee. Hix]
   Born: ca. 1791/92 Place: Virginia
   Married: after 1831 Place:
   Died: ca. 1865 Place: She is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Enville, Tennessee

1st husband: James R. Wilson; three children
may have married next a James Crenshaw
then Jacob C. Biffle
then Robert Meek, found in 1860 in McNairy County, Tennessee

  • 1790 U.S. Census, Morgan District, Burke County, North Carolina, M637, Roll 7. He is listed with one free white male under the age of 16 and two free white females.
  • 1800 Census in Buncombe County, Morgan District, North Carolina, M32, Roll 29, p. 163. The household consisted of one male under 10, one male between 10 and 16, two males between 26 and under 45, three females under 10, one females between 10 and 16, and one females between 26 and under 45.
  • He moved in 1810 to Maury County, Tennessee. Jacob was listed as the head of a family on the 1810 Census in Haywood County, North Carolina. He was an early settler in Wayne County, Tennessee, Eighth District, 1812.
  • 1820 Census in Maury County, Tennessee, M33, Roll 124, pg. 41.
  • He sold property in Reems Creek, Buncombe County, North Carolina, July 18, 1797, to John Weaver.
  • Jacob applied for a military pension in Maury County, Tennessee, December 20, 1832. He served in the Revolutionary War and was allowed a pension of $30 per year for nine month's service as a private in Col. Shelby's North Carolina troops. Final payment was given to his widow for the period September 4, 1843 to February 16, 1844. He gave the following history: "When a boy my father (Adam Biffle) moved to Sullivan County, East Tennessee (then North Carolina) on Holston River. I was living there when I went into the services. Some years after the war I moved to Buncombe County, North Carolina (then Burke County). After living there a few years I moved out farther to a county now Haywood County, N. Carolina, staid [sic] a few years there until 1810. In 1810 I moved to this Maury County."
  • He fought in the Battle of King's Mountain (1780) and other engagements, serving under Captain Topps in South Carolina (1781) and Captain King (1782). He and many of his descendents are buried in Pisgah Cemetery. "In 1807, large numbers of settlers came to the (Cathey's) Creek--Biffle, Akins, Isom. Jacob Biffle . . . lived immediately south of Hampshire.
  • He had at least five grandsons, Col. Jacob Biffle, Major James H. Aikin, Capt. A.B. Biffle, Nathan Fletcher Biffle, and Capt. Johnathan Biffle, who were officers in the Confederate army.
  • Jacob Biffle lived in the part of Maury County taken into Lewis County in 1843, but returned to Maury County in 1852. He may also have lived for a short time in South Carolina."

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