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Family Group Record: James Goldman Biffle and Ora Lee Garner

Information supplied by: Janet M. Roseen

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   James Goldman Biffle  
   Born: February 10, 1876 Place: Texas
   Married: November 15, 1896 Place: Johnson County, Texas (Vol. 9, pg. 359)
   Died: February 7, 1948 Place: Levelland, Hockley County, Texas; he is buried in Levelland Cemetery.
   Parents: Wilson S. Biffle and Martha E. Parish
  He may have married a second time to a woman named Maggie, ca. 1909.

1st Wife
   Ora Lee Garner  
   Born: August 1, 1879 Place: Baldwin, Tishemingo County, Mississippi
   Died: August 10, 1907 Place: Durant, Bryan County, Oklahoma; she is buried in Highland Cemetery, Durant.
   Parents: Warren John Garner and Sarah C. Burton


1 Bernice Biffle
Sex Born: October 4, 1898 Place: Texas
  F Married: March 1929, Edward Wilcox Place: Holdrege, Nebraska
   Died: October 10, 1967 Place: She and her husband are buried in South Park Cemetery, Roswell, Chaves County, New Mexico
  She resided in in 1930 at Oxford, Furnas, Nebraska; at Woodruff, Kansas, at the time of her father's death, February 7,1948.

2 Beatrice Biffle
Sex Born: August 16, 1906 Place: Durant, Bryan County, Oklahoma
  F Married: April 16, 1927, Byron Adolph Warren Place: Lubbock County, Texas
   Died: June 1, 2000 Place: Levelland, Hockley County, Texas; she is buried in Resthaven Cemetery, Lubbock, Texas

2nd Wife
   Born: ca. 1886 Place: Texas
  Married: ca. 1909 Place: Texas
   Died: Place:

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