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Family Group Record: Nathan Biffle and Ursula Isom

Information supplied by: Janet M. Roseen
Researching this line: Anne Peterson, Ann Clendenin Greer

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   Nathan Biffle  
   Born: March 16/17, 1792 Place: Rowan or Haywood County, North Carolina
   Married: ca. 1815 Place:
   Died: May 3, 1853 Place: Wayne County, Tennessee; he and his wife are buried in Ashland Cemetery, Wayne County, Tennessee
   Parents: Jacob C. Biffle and Mary Deavers

   Ursula Isom  
   Born: April 11/14, 1795 Place: Virginia
   Died: February 25/26, 1857 Place: Wayne County, Tennessee
   Parents: Jonathan Isom and Elizabeth [--] (possibly Elizabeth Walker)


1 Jonathan Isom Biffle
Sex Born: December 10, 1815 Place: Tennessee
M Married: (1) 1841; Margaret C. Craig; (2) 1847; Elizabeth Ann Hardin Place: Both in Tennessee
   Died: January 23, 1864 Place: As a prisoner of war in Rock Island, Rock Island County, Illinois

2 Mary Deaver Biffle
Sex Born: February 11, 1818 Place: Tennessee
  F Married: January 7, 1836, Craig Mitchell Place: Ashland, Wayne County, Tennessee
   Died: February 5, 1900 Place: Buried in the Zion Cemetery, Wayne County, Tennessee

3 Elijah D. Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1825 Place: Tennessee
  M Married: November 17, 1852; Sarah Elizabeth Skelton Place: Tennessee
   Died: before 1860 Place: Tennessee (?)

4 George R. Biffle
Sex Born: November 2, 1825 Place: Wayne County, Tennessee
  M Married: Julia Ann Mayes Place:
   Died: December 2, 1900 Place: Maury County, Tennessee

5 William McHenry Biffle
Sex Born: March 3, 1828 Place: Wayne County, Tennessee
M Married: October 18, 1854; Martha Leach Skelton Place: Dickson County, Tennessee
   Died: November 16, 1897 Place: New Bern, Dyer County, Tennessee

6 Nathan M. Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1832 Place: Tennessee
M Married: Place:
   Died: August 13, 1837 Place: Wayne County, Tennessee; he is buried in the Ashland Cemtery, Wayne County, Tennessee

7 Elizabeth Ann Biffle
Sex Born: September 10, 1837 Place: Ashland, Wayne County, Tennessee
F Married: November 22, 1854; William P. Kindrick Place: Wayne County, Tennessee
   Died: March 31, 1877 Place: Wayne County, Tennessee

  • 1850 U.S. Census, Wayne County, Tennessee, Civil District 6, M432-899, Pg. 174; living with Nathan and Ursula are William and Elizabeth.
  • Obituary found in Louisville and Nashville Christian Advocate, June 9, 1853. Gives Haywood County as birth; lists him as a Major. Where did he serve?
  • See also Kith and Kin of James Garner Patey and Robert Nesbitt Patey by James G. Patey, 1988, p. 163-165

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