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Family Group Record: Nathan I. Biffle and Belle Zora Rinard

Information supplied by: Janet M. Roseen

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   Nathan I. Biffle
   Born: 30 June 1873 Place: Bosque County, Texas
   Married: ca. 1895 Place: Archer County, Texas
   Died: July 1 or 2, 1934 Place: Union County, New Mexico; he and his wife are buried in Grenville Cemetery, Union County, New Mexico
   Parents: Wilson McColister Biffle and Susan A. LaFon

   Belle Zora Rinard
   Born: 20 October 1874 Place: Hays County, Texas
   Died: ca. 1952 Place: She is buried in Union County, New Mexico
   Parents: May be John Rinard and Anna ?


1 Enoch Thomas Biffle
Sex Born: December 12, 1896; alternate date 25 Dec 1895 Place: Dundee, Texas
M Married: Gladys Stonebrink Place:
   Died: February 19, 1967 Place: Grant County, New Mexico; he is buried in Clayton, Union County, New Mexico
  Enoch served in the Navy from 1917 to 1919; he and Gladys had four children: Cynthia (m. Bill May), Nathan (m. Lymda Mayfield), Betty (m. Maurice Levesque), and Grace (m. Dave Foster). He took care of the ranch near Des Moines, Union County, New Mexico, and his mother lived with them for 20 years. At her death, he bought out his sisters, a total of 5,790 acres. Enoch's son Nathan took over the ranch in 1958.

2 Susan N. Biffle
Sex Born: November 16, 1897 Place: Dundee, Texas
F Married: January 8, 1919; Ned Orice Malone Place: Malpie, New Mexico
   Died: April 11, 1975 Place: Pampa, Texas

3 Willie Estelle Biffle
Sex Born: November 1, 1900 Place: Dundee, Texas
F Married: Guy Truitt Roberson Place:
   Died: June 3, 1998 Place: Fresno, California

4 Belzora Biffle (or Zora Belle)
Sex Born: December 7, 1903 or 20 October 1903 Place: Archer County, Texas
F Married: Place:
   Died: possibly before 1910 Place:

5 Nannie Bea Biffle
Sex Born: October 3, 1907 Place: Dundee, Texas
F Married: ca. 1935; Bud Larson Place:
   Died: 26 March 1973 Place: Albuquerque, New Mexico

6 Ellen Ruth Biffle
Sex Born: 29 September 1912 Place: Union County, New Mexico
F Married: March 23, 1934; Stanley Robert Root Place:
   Died: May 5, 1999 Place: Colorado Spring, El Paso County, Colorado

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