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Family Group Record: Roy Andrew Biffle and Aldora Leona Dempster

Information supplied by: Janet M. Roseen

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   Roy Andrew Biffle
   Born: June 8, 1929 Place: Comanche County, Oklahoma
   Married: 1962 Place: Las Vegas, Nevada
   Died: February 8, 1002 Place: Clinton, Oklahoma
   Parents: Roy Charles Biffle and Ruby Marie Youngblood

   Aldora Leona Dempster
   Born: Place:
   Died: Place:
  Dempster may be her married name. In Roy Andrew Biffle's obituary, survivors listed include Terry, Ricky, and Lyle Dempster; he was preceded in death by Melinda May Dempster and Michael Dempster. These may have been her children by a previous marriage.

Children (order unknown)

1 Darla Biffle
Sex Born: Place:
  Married: ? Hurley Place:
   Died: Place:

2 Debbie Biffle
Sex Born: Place:
  Married: ? McCanless Place:
   Died: Place:

3 Kathy Andrea Biffle
Sex Born: Place:
  Married: Place:
   Died: Place:

4 Eugene Biffle
Sex Born: Place:
  Married: Place:
   Died: Place:


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