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Family Group Record: William Biffle and Frances Isom

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   William Biffle  
   Born: July 31, 1803 Place: North Carolina
   Married: June 19, 1829 Place: Maury County, Tennessee
   Died: August 31, 1885 Place: Maury County, Tennessee; he and his wife are buried in Pisgah Cemetery
   Parents: Jacob C. Biffle and Mary Deavers

   Frances Isom  
   Born: April 14, 1811 Place: Tennessee
   Died: June 6, 1879 Place: Maury County, Tennessee
   Parents: Jonathan Isom and Elizabeth [--]


1 Mary Ann Biffle
Sex Born: May 29, 1830 Place: Tennessee
F Married: February 26, 1861; Albert Alexander Kennedy Place: Lewis County, Tennessee
   Died: February 8, 1883 Place:

2 Minerva J. Biffle
Sex Born: June 24, 1832 Place: Tennessee
F Married: Place:
   Died: September 13, 1833 Place: Maury County, Tennessee

3 Adley (Adlai) Burrell Biffle
Sex Born: November 11, 1834 Place: Maury County, Tennessee
M Married: January 5, 1860; Sarah Elizabeth Skelton Place: Wayne County, Tennessee
   Died: November 12, 1906 Place: Maury County, Tennessee

4 William McHenry Biffle
Sex Born: June 25, 1839 Place: Tennessee
M Married: March 25, 1875; Julia A. Walker Place: Wayne County, Tennessee
   Died: August 20, 1911
another date give is July 11, 1911
Place: Maury County, Tennesee

5 Alice Philadelphia Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1842 Place: Tennessee
F Married: William Thadous Kirkpatrick Place: They married in Tennessee, but moved to Oklahoma
   Died: Place:

6 Jacob D. Biffle
Sex Born: December 12, 1843 Place: Tennessee
M Married: Place:
   Died: August 11, 1864 Place: Ashland, Wayne County, Tennessee, while in the hands of the Federals. His grave stone reads: "Shot by the Federals five times after surrendering." He is buried in the Mt. Pisgah cemetery near Hampshire, Tennessee.

7 James Knox Biffle
Sex Born: December 29, 1844 Place: Tennessee
M Married: Patty L. Kendrick Place:
   Died: October 23, 1928 Place: Tennessee; he and his wife are buried in Pisgah Cemetery

8 Izora Adelphia Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1848 Place: Tennessee
F Married: December 23, 1886; G. P. Mayes/Mays Place: Maury County, Tennessee
   Died: Place:

9 Ursula Biffle
Sex Born: ca. 1853 Place: Tennessee
  Married: S.J. Hunt Place:
   Died: Place:

  • 1860 U.S. Census, Maury, Hampshire County, Tennessee, M653, Roll 1264, p. 447.
  • 1870 U.S. Census, Maury County, Tennessee, Roll 1548, p. 512. In the family was William, Frances, James Know, Adelia, and an un-named 18 year old female. Also, a P.L. Kindrick, age 16, was living with the family; is the James Knox's future wife, Patty L. Kendrick?
  • 1880 U.S. Census, District 16, Maury County, Tennessee, Film T9-1271, pg. 404B. The household consisted of Wm. Biffle, his son A.B. Biffle (age 46) and wife "Sallie" (age 40), Wm.'s daughter Adela (Izora Adelphia, age 32), granddaughter Fannie W. Kennedy (age 19), grandnephew Oscar Beckham (age 13), and granddaughter Mary W. Kirkpatrick (age 7). Where were the parents of these three younger children?

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