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Passengers of the Robert & Alice
1738 Voyage

Variations of names can confuse genealogists and frustrate them to no end. Many of these spelling differences can be caused by the language barriers between the individual taking the information and the individual giving it. They can also be caused by transcription errors due to both the script of the time and "guessing" by the transcriber.

The following table is a list of the passengers on the 1738 voyage of the Robert & Alice from Rotterdam to Philadelphia via Dover, Eng. I have given the various spellings of individuals found in two texts. By reading across the columns you can see the spellings of each individual's name. If there is a blank, I couldn't find that individual at that particular list. My interest is with the Biffle/Buffel family from Contwig. The variations in the of this surname found in the Strassburger test are: Buffell, Phiel, Buliut, Beifle, Buffel.


List 55A:
Robert & Alice

List 55B:
Robert & Alice
Oaths to the Government Others with Head of Family (from Palatine Project) Found in Other Texts
  Bullher, Ulrich Burgherr, Ullerig (alone)  
Alsback, Matthews Alspach, Madeis Alspach, Madeis Anna Barbara
Heinrich (13)
Johannes David (5)
Johannes (2)
Alspach, Mathies (Burgert, p.32); see list of immigrants
Alsback, Reynhart Alspach, Renert Altspach, Reinhart Anna Magdalena (wife)
Georg (6 mo.)
(Reynhart is the brother of Matthews)
Reinhardt Alspach Will and Marriage Record
Bader, Andries (29) Bader, Andreas Bader, Andras (alone) Bader, Andreas (Burgert, p. 41)
Bener, Godfry (18) Rohrer, Johan Gottfried Rohrer, Johann Gottfried (alone)  
Bener, Johannis Rohrer, Johannes Rohrer, Johannes Maria Elisabetha (Muler) (wife)
Johann Jacob
Johann Gottfriedt (18)
Johann George (15)
Johann Jacob (13)
Johann Bathasar (8)
Anna Maria (7)
Johan Fiederich (5)
Johannes (1)
Anna Barbara (1, twin)
Bieller, Anton Biehler, Anthony Bieller, Anthony Anna Maria (Ebele)
Marx Christian
See excerpt from Carolina Cradle; he went to the same area as the Biffles
Boes, Luturg Poes, Lutwick Bosse, Ludwig (alone)  
Bransteder, Jacob Ransteder, Jacob Ranstader, Jacob (alone)
He may be the brother of Anna Magdalena, wife of Alsback, Reynhart
Broan, Johannis Brawn, Johannis Brown, Johannes Maria Catharina (Remler)  
Buffel, Paulus Beifle, Paul Buffel, Paulus Catharina Apollonia (Haan) (wife)
Peter Anton (13)
Johann Adam (10)
Johann Heinrich (6)
Maria Elisabetah (4)
Anna Magdalena (2)
Buffel, Paul (Burgert, p. 71; Yoder, p. 310) ; Biffle Researchers
Buliut, Paulus (22) Balliett, Baullus Balliet, Ballus (alone) Paulus Balliet
Castle, Christian Cassell, Christian Cassel, Christian (alone) Family of John Cassel (son)
Clemens, Michell Clementz, Michel Clementz, Michel (alone) (Yoder, p. 297, has a Michel Clemens of Grünbach leaving for Carolina)
Clingesmith, Daniell Klingenschmitt, Frantz Klingenschmitt, Frantz (alone)  
Copenhever, Jan Jacob Kappenheffr, Jacob Kobenhoffer, Jacob (alone) The Copenhaver Genealogy Center
Craft, Jan Nichol Kraft, Johaniclos Krafft, Johan Niclos (alone)  
Daniell, Adam Daniel, Adam Daniel, Adam (alone)  
Dick, Adam Dick, Adam Dick, Adam Anna Ottila (Neck)
Elisabetha Margretha (6)
Maria Christina Margretha (4)
Maria Juliana (1)
Dick, Joh. Adam (Burgert, p. 87); Adam Dick
Dorst, Casper Dorst, Hans Gaspar Dorst, Hans Casper (alone)  
Escogen, Jan Peiter Eskusen, Peter Eskugen, Peter (alone) Eskuchen, Peter (Burgert, p. 112)
Escogen, Johannis Eskusen, Johannes Eskuchen, Johannes Anna Margaretha
Ann Engel (31)
Johann Henrich
Anna Maria
Maria Agnes
Johann Peter
Anna Margretha
Elisabetha Catharina
Anna Catharine
Maria Barbara
Eskuchen, Johannes (Burgert, p. 112)
Ferch, Johanis Forch, Johannes Forch, Johannes (alone)  
Frans, Jacob Frantz, Jacob Frantz, Jacob (alone) Descendant Chart for Johan "Jacob" Frantz
Geizler, Hans Adam Gesler, Hans Adam Gissler, Hans Adam (alone)  
Godfreid, Jurich Gottfried, Georg Gottfried, Georg (alone)  
Gorle, Jacob Kugerle, Johann Jacob Kugerle, Johann Jacob (alone)  
Granast, Jan Adam Groners, Johann Adam Groner, Johann Adam (alone)  
Groab, Christian (35) Grub, Christian Grub, Christian (alone) Grub, Christian (Burgert, p. 146);son Abraham Grubb
Hedrick, Abram Hendrick, Jan Abram Henry, Joh. Abraham (alone)  
Hedrick, Christopher Heydrich, Christoff Heydrich, Christoff (alone) Heydrich, Christoff (Burgert, p. 162); Hetrick and Gahn Family History
Hedrick, Gerit Henry, Gerard Henry, Gerhart (alone)  
Hedrick, Jan Jurich Heitrich, Johan Gorg Heitrich, John Gerg Anna Catharine (wife)
Catharina Elisabetha (6)
Johann Peter (4)
Johann Ludwig (2)
Johann Jacob (6 mo.)
Heydrich, John. Georg (Burgert, p. 163)
Hedrick, Pieter Heydtrich, Petter Heydtrich, Petter Anna Ottilia (Blinn) (wife)
Johann Pter
Anna Maria
Heydrich, Peter (Burgert, p. 164; Yoder, p. 297, "of Oberalben"); Johan Peter Hedrick
Hertzog, Philip (32) Hertzog, Philip Hertzog, Philip (alone) Hertzog, Philip (Burgert, p. 160); Hertzog family
Heyl, Peiter Heyel, Petter Heyel, Petter (alone) Heyel, Peter/Petter (Yoder, p. 301, a miller of Adenbach); Peiter Heyl
Heyt, Abraham Hayt, Abram Hatt, Abraham Anna Magdalena (Keiss)
Johann Abraham (4)
Heyd, Abraham (Burgert, p. 161)
Heyt, Conrad Hayt, Conrad Hatt, Conrad Anna Catharina Scholler (Hess)
Johann Andreas (Abraham) (25)
Johann Peter (23)
Johann Jacob (20)
Heyd, Conrad (Burgert, p. 161)
Heyt, Pieter Hayt, Peter Hatt, Peter, Jr. Abraham (1) Heyd, Peter, (Burgert, p. 161)
Holl, Andres Holl, Andreas Holl, Andreas (alone)  
Holl, Jan Abram Holl, Abraham Holl, Abraham (alone)  
Holl, Jan Nichol Hall, Johan Nicholas Holl, Johan Nicklas Anna Margarta
Anna Margareth
Maria Catharine
Maria Barbara
Holl, Nickel (Burgert, p. 172; Yoder, p. 297, from Oberamt Lichtenberg)
Honsinger, Johannis Huntzinger, Johannes Huntzinger, Johannes Maria Magdalena (Heinrichs)
Maria Elisabetha (3)
Johann Adam (1)
Huntzinger,Johannes (Burgert, p. 182; Yoder, p. 297, "of Rammelsbach leaves for Carolina")
Jant, Melchior Yand, Melcher Jand, Melchior (alone)  
Jorenboxger, Stephen Durnbercher, Stephen Torreberger, Stephan Anna Clara (Duffort)
Johann Georg
Kensell, Jacob   Kentzel, Jacob (alone)  
Kensell, Joseph Kensel, Joseph Kentzel, Joseph (alone)  
Kerch, Jan Peter Karch, Johan Peter Karch, Johann Peter (alone)  
Keyper, Byle     ?  
Keyper, Peiter Kieffer, Petter Kieffer, Petter (alone) Peter Cooper
Klingesmith, Daniell Kliengenschmit, Daniel Kliengenschmitt, Daniel (alone)  
Klunt, Jan Jacob Klunt, Jan Jacob Klund, Johan Jacob Maria Barbara (Holl) Klund, Joh. Jacob (Burgert, p. 208)
Kolp, Jurich Michell (29) Kolp, Georg Michel Kolb, Georg Michel Anna Elisabetah Meyer
Maria Friederica
Anna Eva
Kolp, Michell (26) Kolp, Melchior Colb, Melchior (alone)  
Kolp, Peiter (17) Kolp, Peiter Colb, Peter (alone)  
Kuns, Jan Paul Kurz, Johan Paullus Kurz, Johan Paullus (alone)  
Martin, Hans Martin, Hans Martin, Hans (alone)  
Meyer, Andries Meyer, Andres Meyer, Anderas (alone)  
Miller, Michell Miller, Michel Miller, Michael (alone)  
Miller, Nicholas Miller, Niklos Miller, Niklos (alone) Muller, Nickel (Burgert, p. 247; Yost, p. 297, of Pfeffelbach); also Miller family web page
Mosser, Paul Moser, Paul Masser, Paulus (alone) Johan Paul Moser family; Moser immigration
Nagle, David Nagle, David Negle, David (alone)  
Nagle, Jan Nichol Nagle, Johan Michel Nagel, Johann Nicklas (alone)  
Nochper, Lundert Nachber, Leonard Nachtbar, Leonhart (alone) Nachbar, Joh. Leonhard (Burgert, p. 251); Johan Leonard Neighbor
Peck, Jacob Beck, Jacob Beck, Jacob (alone)  
Pehl, Philip Fehl, Johann Philipp Fehl, Johann Philipp (alone)  
Phiel, Johan Peiter Phiel, Johan Peter (alone)  
Petzell, Godfried Betzel, Gottfriedt Betzell, Gottfriedt (alone)  
Pricher, Jacob Pricker, Jacob Brucker, Jacob (alone)  
Pricker, Johannis Pricker, Johannis Pricker, Johannes (alone)  
Raymon, Jacob Reyman, Hans Jacob Ramman, Hans Jacob (alone)  
Raymon, Michell Rayman, Hans Michel Ramon, Hans Michael (alone)  
Redinhower, Hendrick (25) Reitenaur, Hans Henrich Reitnauer, Hans Henrich Anna Catharina (Fuhrer)  
Redinhower, Peiter (15) Reittenauer, Peter Reuner, Hans Pder (alone) Peter Risser?
Renhowser, Baltser (42) Reydenauer, Beltzer Reydenauer, Baltzer Maria Elisabetha (Zenss)
Balthasar Reitenauer
Roch, Jurick Michl Buch, Jerch Michael Buch, Jorch Michel (alone)  
Roth, Jan Jurick Rath, Hans Jurick Roth, Hans Georg (alone)  
Rubie, Peter Ruby, Peter Ruby, Peter (alone)  
Scheilk, Casper Scheck, Caspar Scheck, Caspar

Anna Elisabetha (Weber), wife

Catharine Elisabetha (15)
Susanna Magdalena (12)
Johann George Friederich (6)
Maria Charlotta (3)
Maria Christina (1)

Scheck, Joh. Caspar (Burgert, p. 280; Yoder, p. 310); friends of the Biffle family and sponsors for their 2 daughters, Maria E. and Anna M.; married Anna Elisabetha Weber/ Weaver 28 October 1721. Her parents were Johann Philipp Weber and Anna Elisabeta Schafe.
Schelfer, Theobeld, Jr Schaffer, Teobalt Schaffer, Teobalt Martha Margretha (Schmid)
Hans Michael (14)
Conrad (8)
Anna Margretha (3)
Schelfer, Theobeld, Sr Skeyler, Tebelt Schaffer, Teobalt (alone)  
Schoefert, Allexr Sheffer, Alexd Schaffer, Alexander (alone) Alexander Schaeffer
Schoemaker, Michell Shumacker, Michal Shumacher, Michael (alone)  
Schults, Valentine Shultz, Valentine Sholtz, Vallentin Anna Kunigunda
Georg henrich (11)
Johann peter (9)
Anna Barbara (6)
Anna Magdalena (1)
Schultz, Valentin (Burgert, p. 298)
Shingell, Hendrick Shingle, Hendrick Schanike, Johan Henrich (alone)  
Shoemaker, Jan Jacob Schumacher, Johan Jacob Schumacher, Johann Jacob (alone)  
Shoemaker, Johannes Schumacher, Johannes Schumacher, Johannes (alone)  
Sleipher, Johannis Sleyfard, Johannes Schleiffer, Johannes (alone) Johannes Shlieffer
Snell, Jan Adam Snell, Johan Adam Schnel, Johan Adam Maria Margreth (Meyer) (wife)
Maria Magdalena (7)
Maria Catharina (3)
Maria Margretha (6 mo.)
Schnell, Joh. Adam (Burgert, p. 290)
Sneuder, Frederick Nicholas Schneider, Johann Friedrich Schneider, Johan Friederich (alone) Johan Friederich Schneider
Sneuder, Nicholas Schneyder, Johan Nicolaus Schneyder, Johann Nicolaus Eva (Martzluff)
Stephanus (13)
Maria Margaretha (10)
Johann Nicklaus
Maria Susanna
Maria Magdalena
Snyder, Hans Neyder, Johan Shneyder, Johan Anna Amalia (Hoffman)  
Stadler, Christian Stetler, Christian Stattler, Christian (alone)  
Stear, Tobias Steuer, Tobias Steuer, Tobias (alone)  
Stersinger, Hans Martin (21) Starzman, Hans Marden Sdartzman, Hans Mardin (alone)  
Sybent, Peiter Seubert, Petter Seubert, Petter (alone)  
Thomas, Hendrick Thommen, Heinrich Thommen, Henrich (alone)  
Toffer, Jacob Tofort, Jacob Thiffort, Jacob, Jr (alone)  
Toffer, Phylip Tofort, Philip Thiffort, Philip Anna Maria (Martini)
Anna Clara
Johann Georg
Johann Phillip
Johann Georg
Anna Catharina
Maria Catharina
See Dufford; Hans Philipps Dufforth
Tomme, Jacob Dommen, Jacob Dommen, Jacob (alone)  
Torenberger, Hans Michell Torenberger, Hans Michel Turenberger, Hans Michael (alone) Turenberger (Durrrenburger/Terryberry) family; Derryberry family newsletter
Torenberger, Oygell Torenberger, Jan Jacob Turenberger, Hans Jacob (alone) (Durrenburger)
Trautman, Hans Trauttmann, Johannes Trauttmann, Johannes (alone) Troutman families
Vink, Theobel Finck, Thobalt Finck, Thobalt (alone)  
Wederigh, Christopher Wetterich, Johann Christoff Wetterich, Johann Christoph Anna Margaretha (Schutz)
Maria Barbara (23)
Johanna Dorothea (21)
Johann Christoph (18)
Anna Maria (14)
Maria Eva (10)
Mara Barbara (8)
Weys, Phylip Weiss, Johann Philipps Weiss, Johan Philipps (alone)  
Weysperger, Casper     Anna Margretha Wild Weisgerber, Caspar (Burgert, p. 329); he was sick and may have died before the oath was given or he may have been too ill to attend

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